Celebrating 125 Years of Mercy

When the Sisters of Mercy made their way from Dublin, Ireland, to Des Moines, Iowa, in the early 1890s, their mission was clear: build a hospital to provide healing support in the community. From modest beginnings, the Sisters set the standard for serving others by providing a solid foundation of compassionate care.

Much has happened since the founding of Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines in 1893:  recessions, wars, baby booms, growing technology, and the never-ending evolution of health care. Through it all, the guiding principles with which Mercy was built 125 years ago remain today and pay tribute to the lasting legacy of the Sisters of Mercy.

In celebration of our anniversary and in honor of our journey, Mercy is delighted to share this collection of memories and milestones. Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy!



When an organization serves a community for 125 years, change is inevitable. This is especially true in the health care industry, where innovation, improvements in patient safety and continuous research drive ongoing transformation.  Learn more about Mercy’s rich and storied history by viewing our timeline.


Virtual Museum

Through the years, Mercy has collected a variety of artifacts and memorabilia with significant meaning.  Browse our virtual museum and get a glimpse of Mercy’s heritage.


125 Reasons to Celebrate

There are countless reasons to celebrate Mercy’s rich tradition of serving the community. To commemorate our anniversary, we’ve narrowed the list down. Take a look at 125 reasons to celebrate Mercy.

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