About Mercy

MHN Partners ACO Board of Managers

  • Dr. David Swieskowski, Ex-Officio Member and Chair representing Mercy Health Network
  • Dr. James Lehman, Voting Member, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Covenant Medical Center, Inc. 
  • Jeff Halverson, Voting Member, Vice President, Physician Network, Covenant Medical Center, Inc.
  • Jack Dusenbery, Voting Member, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Covenant Medical Center, Inc.
  • Dr. Steven Joyce, Voting Member, Physician, Marian Health Center – SMHC
  • Sean Williams, Voting Member, Chief Administrative Officer, Medical Associates of Clinton Iowa PLC
  • Jay Collier, Voting Member, President, Mercy Medical Center Clinton Inc.
  • Bev McCadem, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative 
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Des Moines, Iowa 50314

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