Coordinating Care

As a woman ages, concerns about health care can increase in complexity. In order to provide women with the most optimal and comprehensive care, Mercy now offers a team of providers who embrace their role in enhancing a woman’s quality of life through the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health issues.

The health care providers at Mercy Comfort Health Center for Women serve as an extension of the care you receive from your primary care provider. We collaborate with your primary care provider to address specialty health care concerns and develop an appropriate treatment or education plan.

We consider the relationship with each woman a partnership - one built on respect and confidentiality. We also recognize and respect the key role of a woman’s primary care provider and will take an active role in communicating with them to ensure all of your health concerns are addressed appropriately.

If you are unsure if you should your primary care provider for a specific health issue, or schedule an appointment at the Mercy Comfort health center for Women Center, feel free to call Women’s Health Nurse Navigator for guidance.

Women can be referred by their primary care provider or other physician, or self-refer as needed. For women seeking primary care for routine health care, we recommend one of Mercy’s primary care providers

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