Ruan Neurology Clinic

At Mercy Ruan Neurology Clinic, experienced providers and staff work with patients in an outpatient clinical setting to evaluate, diagnose and develop a treatment plan for many different neurological disorders— diseases of the brain, spine and nerves. Using the latest research and technologies, we utilize the most advanced therapies to better serve our patients. We participate in numerous clinical research trials and are committed to advancing care in the neuroscience field.  

Our neurologists partner with Mercy Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, as well as Mercy Neurosurgery to make your care seamless if you require therapy services or surgery as part of your treatment plan.

We’re proud to have specialized neuroscience nurse educators on staff to advocate for patients and their families and provide one-on-one support throughout the treatment process. Along with general community educational events and seminars, we facilitate many support groups to connect patients with others experiencing similar diseases in our area.

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