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Mercy Spine Program

When patients come to Mercy, they no longer need to bounce from provider to provider trying to find the right treatment for their condition. The expert physiatrists, surgeons and physical therapy team at Mercy seamlessly partner through the Mercy Spine Program to provide patients with a full spectrum of care through every step of their recovery.

If you have neck or spine pain and think you might need medical intervention, attend our next FREE Spine Pain Seminar to learn about the causes of pain and if the Mercy Spine Program is right for you. 

How does the Mercy Spine Program Work?

Upon being referred by a primary care physician or family doctor, patients will:

  • Meet with an expert physiatrist for evaluation of non-surgical options. Mercy Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation evaluates and treats back, neck and musculoskeletal problems. We always consider non-surgical options, such as injections, EMGs or osteopathic manipulation first.
  • Experience in-house coordinated care with Mercy Neurosurgery (if surgery is necessary). With the most surgeon specialties in central Iowa, Mercy Neurosurgery is dedicated to providing patients with access to highly specialized care…close to home.
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