Specialty Programs

Our stroke program is comprised of an experienced team of professionals who provide specialty care to help individuals regain function from the physical and psychological effects following a stroke. Through intensive therapy, our team is committed to providing the most complete and optimal recovery possible. Elements of the stroke program include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevention, recognition, assessment, and treatment of conditions related to stroke and its complications.
  • Conditions may include bowel and bladder dysfunction, anxiety, depression, deconditioning, dysphagia, emotional ability, falls, blood pressure problems, pressure ulcers and recurrent stroke.

Our orthopedic team is comprised of an experienced team of professionals lead by a physiatrist and provides comprehensive orthopedic physical rehabilitation. Diagnoses range from fractures and dislocations to nerve damage and are usually the result of a fall, injury or age. The areas on the body most commonly affected include the neck, shoulder, arm, hand, spine, hip, knee, foot and leg. Other orthopedic rehabilitation team members include physical therapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses and a case manager to oversee the patient’s progress from admittance to discharge.

The rehabilitation team closely monitors a number of areas of concern for orthopedic injuries, including proper skin care for the surgery site. For orthopedic operations that require substantial range of motion therapy, such as knee or hip replacement rehabilitation rehab, the team works to strengthen the surrounding muscles to improve movement and stability, and addresses ambulatory and lifestyle issues affected by the injury or surgery based on the patient’s individual needs. Patients (and their families) are taught how to compensate for the injury and also shown ways to attain maximum independence by managing the activities of daily life.

Our brain injury program offers comprehensive care to address physical dysfunction, cognitive impairments and behavioral issues. Our therapists have specialized skills and training designed to help them recognize the special needs of brain-injured individuals and provide consistent and structured rehabilitation.

Our facility offers an electronically secured and video monitored rehabilitation unit to provide our patients with a secure and safe environment. The unit is equipped with a low-stimulation gym to allow individuals to receive three hours of therapy, five days a week.

Our spinal cord rehabilitation program offers comprehensive rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries, either traumatic or non-traumatic, for patients needing a specialized and coordinated process to amplify a patient’s physical, emotional and psychological ability. Patients benefit from neuro-psychological treatments that maximize independence in self-care, activities of daily living and mobility.

Our amputee program is offered by a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of professionals with specialty training, experience and credentials for management of medical and functional needs.

The amputee team at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital strives to provide effective and evidence-based care related to the specific needs of the amputee population. The program is tailored to restore strength and confidence, regain function and mobility, and return individuals to an independent and satisfying life.

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