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Mercy College of Health Sciences
As the largest health sciences college in central Iowa, Mercy College fills an increasingly desperate need for health professionals. More than 90% of Mercy College students require financial assistance. Scholarship support is critical to meet the need for high quality candidates who will provide a talented pool of clinical professional caregivers, now and in the future.

Hospice patient in wheelchair

Mercy Hospice
Supporting Mercy Hospice gives the precious gift of comfort, dignity, support and love to patients during their last days. Hospice care is provided based upon medical need alone.  No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. Your support helps cover what insurance, Medicare and Medicaid do not for this expensive care that assists patients and families when their need is greatest.

House of Mercy
House of Mercy provides programs and services directed to the well-being of women and women with children who are struggling with drug addiction and homelessness.  It is one of Iowa largest providers of transitional housing and clinical services for women undergoing treatment for substance abuse. House of Mercy provides therapeutic programs, essential services, education and job training when it is needed most. Private funding allows House of Mercy to continuously operate at capacity, providing hope to women, and a future for their children. 

Bishop Drumm Retirement Center
Since 1939 Bishop Drumm Retirement Center has provided a holistic solution offering multiple levels of extended care in one location. Private support plays a critical role in assuring compassionate care in a safe, healing environment. Four sectors make up Bishop Drumm, serving a variety of needs: Bishop Drumm Care Center, Margery Court Alzheimer Care Unit, Martina Place Assisted Living Residence and McAuley Terrace. Nun and woman at Bishop Drumm

Mercy Health Network
Mercy Health Network was founded in 1998 to improve the quality and accessibility of health care services to people across Iowa. Today, five major medical centers, four rural community hospitals and 24 affiliated hospitals compromise the Mercy Health Network.  Mercy Foundation is a key player in facilitating solutions when private support is the answer to enhanced care across the Mercy Health Network.

Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines
The commitments made by the Sisters of Mercy continues to drive Mercy Medical Center as a leader in health care excellence. Your support assists Mercy in three areas: mission-based programs, clinical excellence and capital construction. Gifts today continue the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy by assuring world-class care in healing environments.  Private dollars support the Mercy Cancer Center, Mercy’s Children Center, Ruan Neurological Center, Variety Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pastoral Care, and needs in over 100 other patient care areas. 

Mercy Medical Center—West Lakes

This new hospital increases accessibility to Mercy’s patient-centered care to surrounding Des Moines communities. Private gifts will make facility components possible, focused on the spiritual and environmental aspects of care during Phase I of construction.  Private support will also be influential for completion of Phase 2, building out the 6th and 7th floors. 

Mercy Medical Center – Centerville
In 1910 the Sisters of Mercy began their healing ministry in Centerville, serving one of the most impoverished counties in Iowa. A rapidly increasing Medicaid and Medicare population causes limited ability to implement new health services, programs or capital investment. Only 65% of the hospital charges are captured in Centerville because of its unique patient demographics.

The Legacy Foundation is an endowment fund for gifts dedicated to Mercy Medical Center – Centerville.  It helps the hospital meet its most pressing needs and maintain existing services.

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