Paula Schuette Kraemer

Paula Schuette Kraemer

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Women are beautiful, strong, and unique. Women deserve greatness and are worthy of healthcare that recognizes the complexity of mind, body, beauty, and body image. Therefore, our approach to women’s health is reverent—it inspires AWE at the complex interplay of “Health” and “Beauty.”

“Healthy Beauty”

         What does it mean to be healthy?

  • It means a solid balance between mind, body, soul, all working in harmony.
  • All aspects of health do NOT involve something that can be measured on a scale

         What is true beauty?

  • Beauty is studied in art and culture. Beauty gives pleasure, especially when looking at it. But a person’s TRUE BEAUTY radiates that they like themselves.

         What is healthy beauty?

  • Healthy beauty means that you accept the physical changes that come with aging. It also means that you don’t throw your hands in the air and do nothing about those physical changes when treatment is acceptable, reasonable, and your motivation will bring a light that shines from within.


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