Exchanging Butterflies, Paula Schuette Kraemer

Exchanging Butterflies, Paula Schuette Kraemer

Chemical Peels

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A chemical peel is a facial resurfacing technique that uses a medical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing its damaged outer layers. They are also effective at improving fine lines/wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage. Peels promote the growth of a new layer of skin that is smoother and younger-looking. our professionals will analyze your skin and recommend a treatment.

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Skin Medica® Peels

Correction and recovery vary depending on the depth of the peel.  While one treatment is effective, often you with realized the greatest benefit through a series of 3 peels.


Illuminize Peel® | Single Treatment, $100

A surface peel that gives skin a healthy glow and tightening. The improved clarity, color, and texture after ONE treatment are a perfect refresher just before a big event. It often causes minimal to no visible peeling.


Vitalize Peel® | Single Treatment, $135

Our most popular peel! A slightly deeper peel that helps to fade sun damage, diminishes fine lines, and improve skin texture. The alpha-hydroxy acids stimulate collagen production, which gives you a healthier look and feel with minimal downtime.


Rejuvenize Peel® | single treatment, $210

The deepest of the SKIN MEDICA® peels, this treatment produces skin peeling and collagen production that will improve acne, sunspots and smooth fine lines/wrinkles. *Must first tolerate the VITALIZE PEEL®.


Surgical-Grade Deep Chemical Peels

Although still safely performed in the office, our surgeons perform these deep peels. Chemical peels can penetrate to the deep layers of the skin to produce dramatic skin rejuvenation. Fine lines/wrinkles, sunspots, skin tightness, pore size all can be dramatically improved.

Laser peels can be expensive, often 2-3x the cost of an equal-depth chemical peel. Many lasers have come and gone in the past 20 years, but chemical peels have remained a predictable mainstay in facial skin peeling. Laser peels were originally thought to have less downtime, but we know that any equal-depth peel, chemical or laser, will have similar downtime.


TCA peel |Single Treatment, $500

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is available in several concentrations to customize the depth of peel. The deeper the peel, the better the results, but this also means a longer downtime. Our professionals will determine which is right for you. Typical downtime from peeling to redness-recovery is 7-14 days, depending on the depth of peel you choose. These are performed under numbing anesthetic in our treatment room.

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