Thigh Lift

A thigh lift removes excess hanging skin and fat from inner or outer thighs and reshapes the contour of the thighs. Please click below to learn more about thigh lift.

What is a thigh lift?

  • Removes excess hanging skin and fat from inner or outer thighs
  • Reshapes the contour of the thighs


  • Firmer appearance of inner and/or outer thighs
  • Enhance self-image and confidence

You May be a Good Thigh Lift Candidate if:

  • You are bothered by the appearance of sagging skin of the inside or outside of the thighs
    • This may be from significant weight loss, aging, or heredity
  • You have stable weight
  • You do not smoke

Is This Procedure Covered By Health Insurance?

  • Like all cosmetic procedures, a thigh lift is not typically covered by health insurance


  • Can be performed as outpatient or inpatient procedure. Only consulting with us will determine which is best
  • Performed under general anesthesia
  • Incisions – varies on the area or areas to be treated and the severity of your excess skin and fat
    • Possible incisions include groin, extended groin, or groin plus a downward incision on the inside of thigh
    • Only consulting with Mercy Plastic Surgeons will allow you to select the right incisions for you
    • See types of thigh lift below
  • Liposuction of the thighs may also be performed at the same time
  • Excess skin in removed in a carefully planned way, and the skin is contoured to your underlying muscle
  • Remaining skin is stitched together
  • The smoother, tighter contour is apparent immediately following your procedure, although there will be some swelling and bruising

What are the Different Types of Thigh Lift?

  • Medial Thigh Lift
    • Targets the inner thigh. Incision is made just below your groin crease. A wedge of skin and fat is removed. Liposuction may be performed. The skin is closed and contoured to improve enhanced appearance
  • Lateral Thigh Lift
    • Designed to tighten skin on front and outside of thigh. An incision is made at top/outer aspect of thigh near where the lower edge of your underwear would be. A wedge of skin and fat is removed before “lifting” the remaining skin up and closing the area with stitches. This is helpful for patients with sagging skin on the outer aspect of the thigh.


  • After surgery you will be taken to a recovery area to be closely monitored after surgery
  • You will wear an elastic bandage or compression garment to minimize swelling
  • You will go home the same day of surgery or stay overnight, depending on our discussion pre-operatively
  • You will need to wear the elastic band or garment for the first 2-4 weeks
  • You will experience soreness for the first week, and decreased soreness over week’s 2 and 3
    • Intermittent soreness can last for 4-6 weeks
  • Exercise is usually restricted until 6-8 weeks after surgery
  • Walking will be expected the day after surgery

What Results Should I Expect?

  • Many patients find it helpful to review thigh lift photos and learn about what to expect during recovery as they navigate the decision-making process to have surgery
  • Satisfaction with your new thigh contour and body image should continue to grow and improve as you recover from surgery
  • Final results will continue to evolve over the first year, but will be very close to final at about 3-4 months after surgery
  • Results will be long-lasting, if…
    • You maintain your weight
    • Keep a healthy lifestyle

Photos are a great way to discuss a procedure, which is why we love to use them!

Photos are also a great way to help you understand your individualized and realistic outcome. Because each person is different in size, shape, body type, and desire, we feel that photos are best “interpreted” and discussed together in consultation. That is why we will use them in a one-on-one discussion that will help you understand the process and results that are achievable in your particular case.

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