Nurse Residency Program at Mercy Medical Center

Nurses with a bachelor's or associate degree in nursing have a unique opportunity to transition into practice through a 12-month residency program. If you are newly graduated, with less than six months of nursing experience, this program may be for you!

How does the residency work?

Each month, a new group of nursing residents begins the program, which consists of two three-hour sessions monthly – one facilitated learning session (FLS) and one community session where you can build relationships with other nurses.

  • FLS is focused on content – disease processes, pharmacology, treatments and assessment. Care-based learning scenarios are carried out to help create real life experience and learning.
  • Community focuses on coping strategies, leadership, delegation, personal well-being and critical thinking skills in a real-life setting.

Who will oversee the work?

Residency Program participants work with a unit-based clinical resource nurse (CRN), who coordinates the schedule to balance orientation, clinical time and classroom opportunities. The CRN will also pair participants with an experienced staff member to serve as a mentor. Residents also interact regularly with the Residency Program coordinators.

What units participate in the Residency Program?

Nurses hired into the medical/surgical areas, telemetry and intensive care units at Mercy central campus in downtown Des Moines and at Mercy Medical Center – West Lakes will have an opportunity to participate in this program.

Special Simulation Labs add educational value

As an added benefit, Mercy partners with Des Moines University to offer a Simulation Lab. Nurses joining in the Simulation Lab work in teams alongside physicians, to assess and treat complex patient scenarios.

How to apply for the residency

If you interested in the Nursing Residency Program, simply apply for any nursing position at Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines. If you qualify as a resident, you will be enrolled.

Throughout the residency program, nurses are paid their full hourly rate and are eligible for benefits.

For more information, contact Alison Krueger, MSN-ed, RN,  at (515) 643-2523 or akrueger@mercydesmoines.org.

Click here to learn more specifics and residency program policies (pdf)

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