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Your Most Convenient Entrance

Use the services and department listing to locate the most convenient Mercy Central Campus entrance for your visit.

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  • Administration—Main Entrance
  • Admitting—Main Entrance
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center—Mercy Medical Plaza, East Entrance
  • Cafeteria (Marketplace and Grille)—Main Entrance
  • Cancer Center—Mercy Medical Plaza, West Entrance
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Prevention & Rehabilitation—West Entrance
  • Cardiac and Trauma Surgical Intensive Care—Main Entrance
  • Cardiac Catheterization—West Entrance
  • Cardiac Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care Unit—East Tower Entrance
  • Chapel—Main Entrance
  • Chest Pain Center—Emergency Entrance
  • Conference Center—East Tower Entrance
  • Emergency Department—Emergency Entrance
  • Emergency Observation Unit—Emergency Entrance
  • Endoscopy—Main Entrance
  • Environmental Services—West Entrance
  • Gift House & Flowers—Main Entrance
  • Human Resources—Mercy Office Plaza, 1055 Sixth Avenue
  • Hyperbaric/Wound Treatment Center—West Entrance
  • Intensive Care Units—East Tower Entrance
  • Laboratory Waiting Room—West Entrance
  • Laboratory—Main Entrance
  • Maintenance—West Entrance
  • Mammography/MRI Suite—West Entrance
  • McDonald's—West Entrance
  • Medical Imaging Services (X-ray)—Main Entrance
  • Medical Records—Main Entrance
  • Medical Staff Operations—Main Entrance
  • Mercy Campus Medical Clinic—Mercy Medical Plaza, West Entrance
  • Mercy Central Internal Medicine Clinic—Mercy Medical Plaza, East Entrance
  • Mercy Foundation—Mercy Medical Plaza, East Entrance
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit— East Tower Entrance
  • Outpatient Diagnostic Center—Main Entrance
  • Pain Control Center—West Entrance
  • Pastoral Care—Main Entrance
  • Patient Billing—Mercy Office Plaza, 1055 Sixth Avenue
  • Patient Recovery Rooms—West Entrance
  • Patient Relations—Main Entrance
  • Pediatric Central Clinic—Mercy Medical Plaza, West Entrance
  • Print Shop—West Entrance
  • Public Relations & Marketing—West Entrance
  • Purchasing—West Entrance
  • Ruan Neuroscience Center— East Tower Entrance
  • Security—West Entrance
  • Sleep Center at Mercy— Mercy Office Plaza, 1055 Sixth Avenue
  • Social Services—Main Entrance
  • Stroke Center—Emergency Entrance
  • Surgery Waiting Room—Main Entrance
  • Surgical Affiliates Clinic—Mercy Medical Plaza, East Entrance
  • Technical Services—Main Entrance
  • Transplant and Cardiac Infusion Services—West Entrance
  • Trauma Services—Emergency Entrance
  • Volunteer Services—West Entrance
  • Wellness Center—West Entrance
  • West 3 Cardiovascular Care—West Entrance
  • Women & Infants' Center— East Tower Entrance
  • Wound Treatment Center—West Entrance

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