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Mercy Clinics announces plan to market its award-winning health coach model, certification

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mercy Clinics (MCI) and The Advisory Board Company have announced an exclusive collaboration to develop and market a physician office-based health coach (POHC) and medical home training program for health systems across the nation to purchase and implement.

Since 2003, MCI has been active in the development and implementation of a primary care medical home model using POHCs in each of its clinics. Using Wagner’s Chronic Care Model and the Six Aims for Improvement from the Institute of Medicine as a framework, MCI developed a formal POHC certification curriculum and conducted its first certification course with Des Moines University in 2008 to help test and evaluate student competencies. Sixteen POHCs were certified during the inaugural course and an additional 100 POHCs have been certified since 2008 – many coming from out-of-state medical clinic systems. As a result of this work, MCI earned the American Medical Group Association’s prestigious Acclaim Award in 2008.

POHCs help manage the increasing number of patients with chronic diseases, oversee disease registries, conduct pre-visit chart reviews, improve office workflow and improve clinic patient outcomes. MCI currently has more than 25 POHCs located in each of its family practice and internal medicine clinics.

“Chronic disease management driven by POHCs will play a key role in the coming evolution of health care toward an accountable payment environment,” said Lisa Bielamowicz, M.D., managing director and national physician practice leader for The Advisory Board. “The Mercy Clinics POHC certification curriculum provides an unsurpassed foundation for this role.”

The Advisory Board Company is the leading provider of comprehensive performance improvement services to the health care and education sectors – including operational best practices and insights, business intelligence and analytic tools, management training and consulting support. More than 2,800 hospitals, health systems and universities have used its services to improve health care quality and delivery.

“We are excited to collaborate with The Advisory Board to take the medical home and POHC model to other clinic systems,” said Dr. Dave Swieskowski, CEO, Mercy Clinics. “We continue to see the return on investment in our own clinics and the additional feedback and outcomes seen with our patients validates POHCs are integral to our success in the future.”

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