Becoming a Patient

While most patients are referred to MCCRO by their doctors, others choose it for therapy after consulting with several facilities. Appointments for initial consultations can be made either by patients or by their physicians and we are committed to seeing consults within 72 hours.

The appointment desk staff will explain what information you should bring for a consultation. We encourage patients to bring a family member or friend to this important first visit and discussion.

Planning your Treatment

Before beginning radiation therapy, careful planning is necessary to best address your particular situation. The length of treatment, time of each treatment session, radiation dosage and the best form of radiation therapy are determined during treatment planning. CT scans are necessary to help design your treatment plan. At the radiation oncologist’s direction, the medical dosimetrist calculates dosages and times using a computerized planning system. 

Radiation therapy may require custom-made devices to keep patients both comfortable and immobile during treatment. Depending on your treatment, the physician's prescription and other treatments you may be receiving, the time between your planning session and first treatment can be up to 10 business days.

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