Protein Contents of Food

Protein is an important component of a healthy diet, especially when you or someone you love is undergoing treatments for cancer.  Protein in the diet helps the body regenerate healthy cells, heal from cancer treatments, and maintain the immune system.  Too little dietary protein can contribute to a gradual loss of muscle tissue and breakdown of other body proteins.  

Protein needs will be elevated over your normal needs while undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or after surgery.  The best way to ensure you’re meeting your protein needs is to be eating protein at every meal and snack you consume.  If you’re unable to meet your protein needs through foods alone, you may want to consider incorporating a protein powder into your eating routine.  

Animal-based Sources Protein Contents (grams)

Chicken, boneless, cooked (3 oz)

Beef sirloin, cooked (3 oz) 25
Turkey, cooked (3 oz) 25
Pork chop, cooked (3 oz) 24
Salmon, cooked (3 oz)


Ground beef, cooked (3 oz) 22
Tuna, canned (3 oz) 22
Cod, cooked (3 oz) 20
Orange roughy, cooked (3 oz) 19
Shrim (3 oz) 18
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