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NICU Health Team

Many professionals work together to care for premature or sick babies. During your stay you may meet some or all of the

  • Neonatologists - pediatricians that have special training in the care of premature and sick infants.
  • Primary Nurse - the nurse who will most frequently take care of your baby, develop your baby’s nursing care plan and
    teach you how to care for your baby.
  • Nurse Manager - a registered nurse who takes ultimate accountability for patients, families and the care they
    receive in the NICU.
  • Dietitian - a person who specializes in nutrition and will assess your baby’s nutritional status, growth and
  • Lactation Consultant - a nurse who is trained to observe, assist and advise breastfeeding mothers.
  • Occupational Therapist - a person with special training in infant development and concerns surrounding oral, motor
    and feeding skills.
  • Physical Therapist - a person with special training in assessing and enhancing muscle tone and movement.
  • Speech and Language Therapist - a person with special training in feeding skill issues like sucking and swallowing.
  • Pharmacist - a person who prepares medications for your baby and provides information about medications to parents
    and staff.
  • Social Worker - the person who will help you with non-medical issues, such as where to stay, insurance and
    transportation; also provides emotional support.
  • Respiratory Therapist - a person who specializes in caring for babies who need oxygen or any other help with
  • Unit Secretary - a person who helps answer the phones and supports the nurses in unit activities.

Other commonly seen specialty doctors:

  • Cardiologist - specializes in heart conditions
  • Neurologist - specializes in conditions related to the brain and nervous system
  • Nephrologist - specializes in kidney diseases and dialysis
  • Gastroenterologist - specializes in conditions related to the intestinal tract
  • Endocrinologist - specializes in gland and hormonal issues
  • Ophthalmologist - specializes in eye health
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