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School Physicals

Whether your child is preparing to start kindergarten or will be graduating from high school this year, it is important to schedule a back-to-school physical exam with your child’s primary care provider.

Why is a back-to-school physical needed?

An annual physical is a great opportunity to evaluate your child’s overall health. A primary care provider will examine your child to make sure he or she is on track for healthy growth and development, both physically and emotionally.

What happens at a physical?

A typical exam includes tracking your child’s height and weight, checking the heart and lungs, and a head-to-toe physical exam to check for any signs of childhood diseases. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and discuss any concerns with the primary care provider during the physical exam.

Can my child also receive his/her sports physical during the annual physical exam?

Yes! If your child is an athlete he or she will likely need to complete a sports physical exam prior to beginning practices. Your child’s primary care provider can complete a sports physical exam during the annual physical and will complete any necessary paper that may need to be provided to the school.

Where can my child receive a school physical?

All Mercy pediatric and family practice clinics have providers available to perform annual physical exams. If your child already visits a Mercy Clinic, the annual physical exam should be scheduled with his or her primary care provider. If your child does not have a primary care provider, use this web site to find a doctor or clinic in your neighborhood

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