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(A $10 charge will be assessed for changing membership types.)


Daily Membership:  (age 16 and older)

  • $20 orientation fee. 
  • Purchase of a pre-paid pass: $55/20 visits or $32.50/10 visits. Visits will not expire.


Monthly:  (age 16 and older)

  • $20 orientation fee. 
  • $20 per month flat rate. 
  • NOTE:  Monthly memberships are bank drafted. Checking account information is required.


SilverSneakers®, Silver & Fit

  • Health Insurance company may cover membership fees.  See staff for eligibility.


Mercy Employees, Volunteers, and Mercy College Students (3 Options)

  1. Mercy Wellness Center (Downtown) ONLY: $100/year upfront or $5 payroll deduction every pay period. CHIPS employees may not payroll deduct. This membership includes Mercy Affiliated Employees &/or Spouses and Children over 16. Your employee badge will give you 24/7 access to the Mercy Wellness Center once activated.
  2. Mercy Health & Fitness Center (Clive): Employees may sign-up at the MHFC for $38.75/month with a $20 charge for each additional person on the membership. MHFC membership also includes access to the Mercy Wellness Center. Please stop in to show proof of membership and activate your badge.
  3. YMCA ONLY: Mercy Employees may sign-up at the YMCA for a discounted rate that allows access to 8 metro YMCA facilities. The YMCA membership will not include access to the Mercy Health & Fitness Center or the Mercy Wellness Center.

Guest Passes:

Guests are allowed during STAFFED WELLNESS CENTER HOURS ONLY. Passes may be purchased at the front desk. All guests must sign waiver during check-in.

  • Adults and Children:    $5 per visit OR $20 for 5 visits           
  • College Students:        $3 per visit (with valid college ID)

Members bringing unauthorized guests will result in termination of membership


TERMINATIONS:     All members must return access cards with name, address, and phone number to staff at the front desk.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ENROLLMENT FEES, PRE-PAID PASSES, OR MEMBERSHIP DUES AFTER PURCHASE.



Membership Cards:

Member will receive a card that serves 3 functions.

  1. The card will allow you to lock your items in a locker during your visit.
  2. The card will allow you access when the door is locked - hold card on black card reader outside of door.
  3. The card is used to check in at the front desk with the barcode scanner. 

Members MUST have a membership card or activated employee badge to enter the Wellness Center during unstaffed hours.

There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost membership cards.


Check In:

All members are required to check in upon entering the wellness center using the provided membership card or Mercy employee badge.

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