Work Force Health

Workforce Health Initiative

Mercy Medical Center recognizes that controlling rapidly rising health care costs is a challenge faced by all employers in today's business world. As a local health care provider, we are in a unique position to collaborate with employers to help combat these significant costs.

By working together in a program titled the "Workforce Health Initiative," we can help control costs and collectively achieve a healthier community. Our Workforce Health Initiative helps businesses improve employee health, control costs, and ultimately improves the workplace through decreased absenteeism, increased productivity and enhanced employee morale.

We work with businesses to identify and address employee health risks. Our goal is to create healthy employees by reducing and eliminating these health risks, offering corporate health screenings, educational classes and seminars, fairs and much more.

To find out more about how the Workforce Health Initiative can help your company address employee health and related costs, please call our Employer Relations Specialist at (515) 643-8299.


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