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Emergency & Trauma

Call 911 when you have an emergency.



Emergency Departments that operate 24/7/365:

If you have a sudden illness or minor injury consider visiting:


Every moment in an emergency situation is critical. Evaluating, stabilizing and transporting the patient must be done in a matter of minutes. In the flurry of decisions that must be made, one choice is clear; where to go for emergency and trauma care. At Mercy, we’re dedicated to providing highly specialized emergency care quickly and compassionately.

Mercy is steadfast in its commitment to emergency care supported by compassion. Our spectrum of care provides a complete package from training EMS professionals to caring for our youngest patients, and treating the most serious trauma cases.

For Providers:

To request a patient transfer to Mercy Medical Center—Des Moines, call Mercy Connect at (877) 88-MERCY.

(515) 247-3121
1111 6th Avenue
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