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Provider Based Statement

Dear Mercy West and North Endoscopy Patients:

The Endoscopy suite at Mercy West and at Mercy North are provider based departments. This means it is associated with Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines and is considered, for insurance purposes, to be an outpatient hospital department. Depending on your insurance coverage, your insurance provider may treat your Mercy Endoscopy visit differently, i.e. copay vs. a coinsurance, than those provided in a doctor's office.

As such, you will receive two (2) separate bills for your visit. Depending upon you insurance benefits you will have a liability (copay, deductible, and coinsurance) from Mercy Medical Center for the facility charges and a separate bill for the physician portion. Facility charges for procedures at Mercy West and North Endoscopy are typically between $3,400 and $5,000 depending on the actual services provided. The portion of that amount that you are responsible for will vary depending upon your insurance benefits and the services provided. This does not include the financial responsibility you may have for the physician's bill.

If you have questions regarding the amount you will be billed under your current insurance plan, please contact your health insurance provider. If you have questions about your Mercy West or North Endoscopy bill, please contact Mercy Medical Center patient accounts department at 515-247-4199.


Endoscopy - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am nauseated or begin vomiting while taking the prep solution?

Make sure you drink the solution slowly. If you continue to experience these symptoms, please call (515) 222-7600 for additional instructions. If you are calling after regular business hours, your call will be forwarded to the on-call provider.

What do I do if my stool is still brown after finishing my prep solution?

Immediately drink one, 10 oz. bottle of magnesium citrate (over-the-counter) during a 15-minute period.

Will I be asleep for my procedure?

Unless you are specifically scheduled for general sedation, you will receive conscious sedation. This means you will be given a gentle sedative and pain medication through an IV to help you relax and keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. You may be aware but drowsy for part of your procedure, but in many cases, patients do sleep during the entire process.

How long does the procedure take?

A routine colonoscopy may take anywhere from 15 minutes to more than one hour. Plan to be at the procedure location for at least two hours to allow for check-in, procedure preparations and recovery.

When can I start eating following my procedure?

You may eat once you are fully awake following your procedure.

When can I resume work/normal activity?

Following your procedure, you may be drowsy. Therefore, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery. You should be able to return to work and resume all normal activities the day after the procedure.

What will happen with any findings?

You will be given your preliminary results immediately following the procedure. If polyps are removed or biopsies are taken, they will be sent for analysis and results will be communicated to you either by phone or by mail.


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