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Thank you for your interest in Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines and the Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program.  The Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program has been in existence since 1997 with over 112 graduates.    Our focus at the residency is to provide the residents with the optimum mix of clinical experience, faculty supervision, didactic courses, and procedural training to become a successful family physician.  Mercy Hospital boasts a rich, clinical experience, including the busiest OB service in the state of Iowa, with over 4,500 deliveries, as well as the busiest Emergency Department in the state of Iowa.  Our residents also obtain a separate Pediatric Emergency Department experience in conjunction with running the pediatric inpatient service under the supervision of pediatric hospitalists.  In addition, Mercy Hospital performs the most cardiac catheter procedures in the state of Iowa.

 Mercy Medical Center has recently partnered with Primary Health care, Inc., to form the Iowa Medical Education Collaborative (IMEC) to enhance medical education and opportunities for the resident physicians.T he residency outpatient clinic is part of this collaboration. The outpatient continuity clinic is a Primary Health Care, Inc., Federally Qualified Health Center.  The clinic is comprised of a diverse patient population spanning all age groups, socio-economic classes, and different ethnic groups.  The Family Medicine Center has on-staff Spanish interpreters, a behavioral health consultant, family support worker, as well as a clinical pharmacist.  The clinic utilizes GE Centricity electronic health records.

Past graduates of the Mercy Family Medicine Residency have taken positions ranging from full-spectrum small town family physicians, hospitalists, ER/urgent care physician, and to outpatient clinics. Several graduates have chosen to further their education by going to fellowships in geriatrics, community health, women’s health, advanced obstetrics training, clinical genetics, and sports medicine.  

We believe the Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program offers a superior opportunity to master family medicine and succeed in your future medical endeavors.  Please contact us if you have further questions.

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Dean Moews, M.D.
Program Director

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