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  • Billing customer service (515) 247-4199
  • Payment financial counseling (515) 247-3174
  • Patient Care Questions or Concerns? Call the Patient Advocate (515) 643-2861


  • Billing Customer Service at (515) 643-2519
  • Payment financial counseling (515) 643-2519
  • Patient Care Questions or Concerns? Call the clinic you visited

Billing statements for Mercy Medical Center are handled by Preferred Medical Deposit (PMD), an extension of our business office, not a collection agency.

Payment in full is expected upon receipt unless other acceptable arrangements are made.  PHONE (515) 276-8645 | QUESTIONS? inquiry@pmdinc.cc

Multiple Statements

In some cases, you will receive multiple statements for a single date of service. For instance, Mercy has found that many insurance companies require specific billing information in order to process the claims to the carriers’ requirements. Also, some Mercy departments issue separate billing statements like for radiology physician professional fees, emergency medicine physician fees and Mercy Clinical Lab (MCL).

Hospital Services

The hospital will send a summary statement itemizing charges incurred by the patient. This statement will be mailed to the person responsible for payment, the guarantor. The guarantor should expect a statement no later than 30 days after the patient was seen. The amount billed to the insurance company will be reflected on this statement. 

A follow-up statement will be mailed after the insurance payment is received. Normally, your insurance carrier will send an explanation of benefits explaining what they have paid and what the patient’s portion is to pay. The explanation of benefits is a useful document to the patient for two specific reasons:

  • First, it will help reconcile the payment amounts to those amounts reflected on your statement and
  • Second, it will allow the patient to contact their insurance company, if needed, for any questions regarding the amounts paid on those particular charges.

Physician Services

Apart from your hospital statements, Mercy Physician Services will be billed on a single statement for all members of your family for which the guarantor is responsible for payments

Any balance pending with your insurance carrier will not be represented on the billing statement. You will receive a statement should there be a patient responsibility balance once your insurance company has processed the claim. Statements are mailed every 30 days.

If you are unable to pay the balance in full, please call the customer service number to set up a reasonable payment arrangement. If payments are not received, your account may be forwarded to a collection agency.

Account Follow-up

The hospital utilizes an extended business office that acts on behalf of Mercy in the event that follow-up is required on your account. If previously established financial arrangements are not kept, or unpaid balances after insurance are not paid, Mercy Medical Center will send your account to this agency. This is not a collection agency.

In many instances, they will try to obtain missed insurance information not given at time of registration.

If no further insurance is available, or there has been an insufficient payment, the extended business office will make every effort to work with you to arrange for payment.

If these efforts are unsuccessful, your account may be forwarded to a collection agency.

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