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Mercy Safeguards

To make your stay at Mercy Medical Center as safe as possible, here are just a few of the countless measures we have taken for you.

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McKesson Robot-Rx

The ROBOT-Rx is a proven robotic solution that utilizes bar code technology to:

  • Automate the inpatient drug distribution process
  • Help ensure accurate dispensing, administering and tracking of unit-dose medications
  • Automatically store, dispense, return, restock and credit bar coded medications
  • Provide for optimal distribution of scheduled medications, new orders/first doses and unit-based cabinet restock medications

McKesson AcuDose-Rx

Individual computerized cabinets on patient floors are used as a stand-alone or as part of an integrated medication distribution system that:

  • Stores, dispenses and tracks narcotics, floor stock, as needed and scheduled medications
  • Provides timely, secure access to medications
  • Tracks inventory and usage by patient, caregiver and medication
  • Accommodates both bar coded and non-bar coded medications
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