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Telephone Service

Calling Patient Rooms

Your family and friends may call your room directly without assistance from hospital switchboard personnel.

  • At Mercy Medical Center, the telephone number for your patient room is (515) 247-3 plus your 3-digit room number or (515) 247-3XXX.
  • At Mercy West Lakes, the telephone number for your patient room is (515) 358-8 plus the last three digits of your room number or (515) 358-8XXX.

Local Phone Calls

You may make local telephone calls from your room at no charge. To do so, dial “9” to get an outside line, then dial the number.

Long-Distance Calls

To make long-distance calls from your room, you must use a calling card, credit card or call the party you are trying to reach collect. Calling cards are available in the hospital gift shops. Long-distance charges must be paid by you at the time of service—they cannot be added to your hospital bill.

To make a long-distance call with a credit card or to call collect, dial “55” and wait for the dial tone, then dial “00”. A long-distance operator will come on the line to assist you.

To make a long-distance call with a calling card, follow the directions for the specific type of card you carry.

Mercy has special telephones available for patients and visitors with hearing impairments. Ask your nurse if you need one of these special phones.

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