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Interactions with Guaifenesin and Dextromethorphan

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Brand names: Benylin Expectorant [OTC]; Cheracol D [OTC]; Clear Tussin 30; Diabetic Tussin DM[OTC]; Extra Action Cough Syrup [OTC]; Fenesin DM; Genatuss DM[OTC]; Glycotuss-dM[OTC]; Guaifenex DM; GuiaCough[OTC]; Guiatuss-DM[OTC]; Halotussin DM [OTC]; Humibid DM [OTC]; Iobid DM; Kolephrin GG/DM [OTC]; Monafed DM; Muco-Fen-DM; Mytussin DM [OTC]; Naldecon Senior DX [OTC]; Phanatuss Cough Syrup [OTC]; Phenadex Senior [OTC]; Respa-DM; Rhinosyn-DMX[OTC]; Robafen DM[OTC]; Robitussin-DM [OTC]; Safe Tussin 30 [OTC]; Scot-Tussin Senior Clear [OTC]; Siltussin DM[OTC]; Synacol CF [OTC]; Syracol-CF[OTC]; Tolu-Sed DM [OTC]; Tusibron-DM[OTC]; Tuss-DM[OTC]; Tussi-Organidin DM NR; Uni-tussin DM [OTC]; Vicks 44E [OTC]; Vicks Pediatric Formula 44E [OTC]

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