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Interactions with Triamcinolone

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Brand names: Amcort; Aristocort; Aristocort A; Aristocort Forte; Aristocort Intralesional; Aristospan Intra-Articular; Aristospan Intralesional; Atolone; Azmacort; Delta-Tritex; Flutex; Kenacort; Kenaject-40; Kenalog-10; Kenalog-40; Kenalog; Kenalog H; Kenalog in Orabase; Kenonel; Nasacort; Nasacort AQ; Tac-3; Tac-40; Tri-Kort; Tri-Nasal; Triacet; Triam Forte; Triam-A; Triderm; Trilog; Trilone; Tristoject

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