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Interactions with Diphenhydramine

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Brand names: 40 Winks[OTC]; AllerMax Oral [OTC]; Banophen Oral [OTC]; Benadryl Injection; Benadryl Oral [OTC]; Benadryl Topical; Bydramine Cough Syrup [OTC]; Compoz Gel Caps [OTC]; Compoz Nighttime Sleep Aid [OTC]; Dihydrex Injection; Diphen Cough [OTC]; Diphenacen-50 Injection; Diphenhist [OTC]; Dormin Oral [OTC]; Genahist Oral; Hyrexin-50 Injection; Maximum Strength Nytol[OTC]; Miles Nervine Caplets [OTC]; Nordryl Injection; Nordryl Oral; Nytol Oral [OTC]; Siladryl Oral [OTC]; Silphen Cough [OTC]; Sleep-eze 3 Oral [OTC]; Sleepinal[OTC]; Sleepwell 2-nite[OTC]; Sominex Oral [OTC]; Tusstat Syrup; Twilite Oral [OTC]; Uni-Bent Cough Syrup

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German Chamomile
Jamaica Dogwood
Kava Kava
Lemon Balm
Roman Chamomile
Siberian Ginseng
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