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Interactions with Hydrocortisone

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Brand names: A-hydroCort; Ala-Cort; Ala-Scalp; Anucort-HC Suppository; Anusol-HC Suppository; Anusol HC 1 [OTC]; Anusol HC 2.5% [OTC]; Cetacort; Clocort Maximum Strength; Cort-Dome; Cortaid Maximum Strength [OTC]; Cortaid With Aloe [OTC]; Cortef; Cortef Feminine Itch; Cortenema; Corticaine; Cortifoam; Cortizone-10 [OTC]; Cortizone-5 [OTC]; Delcort; Dermacort; DermiCort; Dermolate[OTC]; Dermtex HC With Aloe; Eldecort; Gynecort[OTC]; Hemril-HC Uniserts; Hi-Cor 1.0; Hi-Cor 2.5; Hycort; Hydrocort; Hydrocortone Acetate; Hydrocortone Phosphate; HydroTex[OTC]; Hytone; LactiCare-HC; Lanacort[OTC]; Locoid; Nutracort; Orabase HCA; Pandel; Penecort; Procort[OTC]; Proctocort; S-T Cort; Scalpicin; Solu-Cortef; Synacort; Tegrin-HC [OTC]; Texacort; Westcort

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