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Mercy Connect provides a streamlined process to transfer a patient to Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines.  

1 (877) 88-Mercy

Providers and nurses answer your call from the outset to begin coordinating the patient’s health care needs before he or she arrives at Mercy.  You and your patients’ experience as well as their clinical outcome is of paramount importance to Mercy Connect, Mercy Medical Center, our physicians and staff.

Transfer Protocols


Cardiac Protocols

Iowa Heart Center and Mercy
Phone: (515) 643-2470
Cell: (515) 249-2596

Des Moines STEMI Protocol

Stroke Protocols

Mercy Ruan Neuroscience Center 
Phone: (515) 358-0048
Cell: (515) 883-0161

Pediatric Protocols

Pediatric Emergency Department
Office Phone: (515) 643-2664
Department Phone: (515) 247-3292

NICU Protocols

NICU Transfer Form

Trauma Protocols

Emergency and Trauma Services
Phone: (515) 643-2555
Cell: (515) 229-3711

Trauma Transfer Form (PDF)*

Pharmaceutical Protocols


Clinical Pathways and Physician Communication

Mercy Connect offers a robust software platform that includes dozens of clinical pathways developed by Mercy physicians to help you care for your patient pre-transfer and during transport.  Many of the clinical pathways allow providers a part of Mercy Connect to preliminarily accept patients immediately on behalf of Mercy’s admitting and consulting physicians.  

Your time is precious and we want you back at the bedside as soon as possible so you can begin preparing your patient.   After your call, our team will then report the patient information immediately to our admitting and consulting physicians.  If there are questions or concerns from our physicians, we will contact you immediately.  If there are no questions or concerns, Mercy Connect will contact you and confirm the acceptance with the admitting physician’s name and the bed destination for the patient. Our goal is not to put you on hold while we do all the legwork behind the scene by making all necessary arrangements and speaking to our physicians. Our goal is to have the acceptance confirmation back to you within 10 minutes of your original call.   We have access to the majority of our physician’s direct phone numbers in order to limit your wait time.

We realize transfers from one hospital to another are frustrating at times for referring physicians.  In complex patients there is often an endless maze of phone calls and connections to our admitting physicians and specialty consultants. We have developed our clinical pathways with you in mind. Many of our pathways will allow you to provide a report on the patient once to the Mercy Connect providers staffing our command center.  They will then take care of the rest by speaking to our physicians and arranging bed placement.

If you ever feel that you want to speak directly to our physicians for consults or discussions you’ll always have that option. In fact, many of our services lines that commonly deal with time or condition sensitive pathology will be directly connected to you for your report.  These services lines include:

  • Trauma
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology for CVA
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Neonatology

For our service lines that are commonly in the operating room and may not be readily available for a direct conversation Mercy Connect will immediately accept your patient to our emergency room if life or limb threatening conditions exits.  These service lines include:

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery – aortic dissections, cardiac tamponade
  • Vascular Surgery – AAA, arterial occlusions
  • Neurosurgery – Intracranial bleeding, epidural abscess, spinal fractures ( if trauma provided causation you will be directly connected with trauma services)
(515) 247-3121
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