Mercy Health Coach Program

Nationally-acclaimed care from Health Coach experts

Mercy Health Network’s leadership in quality and preventive care has earned national recognition and proven success. Mercy Health Network’s distinctive, award-winning Health Coach Program is a ground-breaking approach to optimizing the health and well-being of all patients.

What is a Mercy health coach?

Mercy Health Coaches are licensed, registered nurses who work with primary care doctors to provide one-on-one care to help patients set and achieve health improvement goals.

Who do Mercy Health Coaches Help?

Mercy Health Coaches are available to work with patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure to provide education and support during the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Mercy Health Coaches also remind patients when it is time for their regular health screenings and wellness exams.

How does the Mercy health coach program work?

Mercy Health Coaches work with patients to create a customized health improvement plan to meet each individual’s specific needs. The plan may include education about specific conditions or risk factors, healthy eating tips, an exercise plan or a timeline for follow-up visits. Most importantly, Mercy Health Coaches provide ongoing support to patients as they make changes to improve their health.

Where can I find a Mercy health coach?

Mercy Health Coaches are stationed at family practice, internal medicine and pediatric sites throughout the Mercy Health Network and are available to help all patients. To schedule an appointment with a Mercy Health Coach, simply call your regular doctor’s office and ask to speak with the Health Coach.

What is the cost of Mercy health coach services?

Services provided by Mercy Health Coaches are free to patients who visit a primary care doctor in the Mercy Health Network.

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