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Clinical Studies/Research

Mercy Heart Hospital is associated with more than 50 to 60 clinical studies and research, conducted under the leadership of the Iowa Heart Center physicians. Approximately 42 cardiologists, seven cardio-vascular surgeons and four peripheral vascular surgeons are on staff. Research and clinical trials include Phase I through IV drug and devices studies. The staff includes 12 nurses for patient enrollment, one research assistant and one administrative assistant.

Clinical studies and research are coordinated to ensure that competing studies are minimal. Individuals are educated about the study—including risks and benefits—so they can make an informed choice. Participation in studies is voluntary. As with other research studies, confidentiality and anonymity of study participants are rigorously maintained.

Mercy Heart Hospital is well respected for its leadership in national clinical studies and research to advance the treatment of heart disease and risk prevention. Mercy Heart Hospital is grateful to the many study participants who, over time, have so generously volunteered in various studies. Many study findings have clearly improved cardiac health for individuals and society.

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