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Executive Health Check

The health of your key executives is vital to the health of your company. Mercy's Executive Health Program offers evaluation and counseling with an emphasis on preventing health problems. Individuals receive a comprehensive screening examination, followed by a complete report and guidance for managing their health while maintaining a crowded calendar and highly productive lifestyle.

Individuals and spouses are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Executive Health Programs. We offer two Executive Health Check program levels:

  • Executive Health Check
    This comprehensive test includes a diagnostic cardiovascular exam, as well as an evaluation of your lifestyle, nutritional
    habits and fitness level. Mercy ’s team of heart experts provides specific diet and stress management guidelines, a custom exercise program and additional heart health recommendations based upon your needs.
  • Executive Health Check II
    Executive Health Check II provides a comprehensive medical examination combined with an analysis of your lifestyle,
    nutritional habits and fitness level. Assessment of your overall health and cardiac risk serve as a baseline to develop
    personalized exercise and prevention programs.

  Executive Health Check Executive Health Check II

Measurement of Percent Body Fat

Blood Pressure/Heart Rate

Colon Cancer Test

Blood Analysis: Screens for diabetes; anemia; liver, kidney and heart disease

Medical History


Comprehensive Medical History


Cardiovascular Risk Factors Analysis


Stress Echo: Evaluates heart at rest and with exercise** *(Performed if calcium scoring is not done.)

Pulmonary Function Test

Carotid Duplex: Screen for narrowed neck arteries that could lead to stroke*

Abdominal Duplex: Screen for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm*

Calcium Scoring: Screen to detect calcium deposits in the arteries of the heart that can cause narrowing in the arteries and may lead to a heart attack**

Diagnostic Treadmill Test: Performed in addition to calcium scoring**

Muscle Strength/Endurance

Flexibility/Range of Motion Testing

Stress and Tension Profile

Analysis of Eating Behaviors

Hearing Screening


Chest X-ray


Comprehensive Medical Exam by Physician


Cardiology Consultation

Test Length

3 hours

4 hours

Test Results



Follow-up Consultation

1 hour

2 hours

Personalized Report: Summarizes results and recommendations

Consultation with Physician


Consultation with Dietitian


Nutritional Guidance

Cardiologist-approved exercise prescription

Individual Counseling & Physical Training Guidelines

Complete Interpretation and Analysis of Test Results

* Abdominal Duplex and/or Carotid Duplex may be recommended based on evaluation of risk factors.
** Testing performed depends on risk factors.

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