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Welcome to the Mercy Medical Center Institutional Review Board website.

The IRB is a committee, formally designated by Mercy Medical Center to review, approve the initiation of and conduct ongoing and periodic review of investigational research involving human subjects.

The purpose of the IRB is to insure that no investigational research done under the jurisdiction, or on the premises of Mercy Medical Center, shall expose persons who participate as subjects to unreasonable risks to their health, general well-being or privacy. It is the policy of Mercy Medical Center that in all research, development and related activities involving the participation of human subjects that the:

  • Rights and welfare of the human subjects at risk are adequately protected.
  • Participation of human subjects is based upon uncoerced and otherwise legally-effective informed consent.
  • Risks to human subjects participating are so outweighed by the sum benefit to general human subjects and the importance of the knowledge to be gained as to warrant a decision to allow human subjects to accept these risks.

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