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Bill of Rights for Research Participants

As a participant in a research study, you have the right to:

  • Have enough time to decide whether or not to be in the research study and to make that decision without any pressure from the people who are conducting the research.
  • Refuse to be in the study at all and to stop participating at any time after you begin the study.
  • Be told what the study is trying to find out, what will happen to you and what you will be asked to do if you are in the study.
  • Be told about the reasonably foreseeable risks of being in the study.
  • Be told about the possible benefits of being in the study.
  • Be told whether there are any costs associated with being in the study and whether you will be compensated for participating in the study.
  • Be told who will have access to information collected about you and how your confidentiality will be protected.
  • Be told whom to contact with questions about the research, about research related injury and about your rights as a research subject.

If the study involves treatment or therapy –

  • Be told about the other non-research treatment choices you have.
  • Be told where treatment is available should you have a research related injury and who will pay for research related treatment.

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