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Clinical Trials – Patient Information

The Mercy Medical Center Institutional Review Board (IRB) office has from 80 to 100 active research studies going on at one time. “Active” is defined as currently enrolling subjects or actively following enrolled subjects for the protocol's required amount of time.

The Mercy IRB posts a selection of research studies that are supported by private companies and are currently looking for volunteers at Mercy Medical Center. The personnel to contact for more information are available on this post.

In addition, researchers often place advertisements in local newspapers. If you are a current patient or are planning to be a future patient at Mercy Medical Center, one of your physicians may tell you about research studies for which you are eligible.

The staff at Mercy IRB has developed this content to provide you with information about participating in a research study (also sometimes called a “clinical trial” or “clinical study”).

  • Research Facts provides general information about participating in a research study.
  • The Bill of Rights for research participants summarizes the rights you have as a research participant. If you are thinking of participating in a research study, remember that participating is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY – you can choose not to participate, or, if you decide to participate, you can choose to stop participating at any time.
  • FAQs answer common questions on clinical trials including what they are, who can participate, and how they work.

Other Clinical Trials and Resources

The National Institutes of Health sponsors a website that provides information to the public about clinical research studies. Click to go to to learn more.

An organization called ECRI (formerly the Emergency Care Research Institute), an independent nonprofit health services research agency, has published an on-line document called, “Should I Enter a Clinical Trial – A Patient Reference Guide for Adults with a Serious or Life Threatening Illness".

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