The earlier breast abnormalities are diagnosed, the better chances are for a full recovery. Digital mammography, breast self-awareness and clinical breast exam are the basic screenings for breast cancer. Ultrasound and minimally invasive techniques play an additional role in detecting and evaluating certain breast conditions including cysts, micro-calcifications, fibrocystic breast disease, mastitis, problems with implants and cancer.

The diagnostic services offered at Mercy Katzmann Breast Center include in-office breast ultrasound performed by breast surgeons for image guided biopsy, staging and treatment planning. Mercy Katzmann Breast Center works closely with Mercy Medical Imaging to include high-quality digital and 3D mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI.

Treatment Planning

In the event cancer or another problem requiring treatment is present, a team of specialists will evaluate your medical condition in detail. Taking your personal concerns and preferences into consideration, the team will develop an individualized treatment plan specifically designed for your personal situation.

A breast health navigator will assist in scheduling consultations with specialists from appropriate medical disciplines. Your personal physician will be involved and informed of your care every step of the way.

Mercy Katzmann Breast Center works directly with Mercy Cancer Center to provide nutritional counseling, rehabilitation services, genetic risk assessments and other valuable services for breast cancer patients and their families.

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