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Joint Camp

Joint Camp, a unique program exclusive to the Mercy Center for Joint Replacement, is designed for patients who are preparing for, undergoing and recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery. This all-inclusive program educates patients and family members about joint replacement surgery, provides a postoperative group exercise program to help patients make a full recovery and prepares patients as they return home and gradually resume normal activities. By attending Joint Camp, patients take a proactive approach to managing their health, which leads to a faster, more successful recovery process following joint replacement surgery.

At Joint Camp sessions following joint replacement surgery, a group setting enables patients and family members to meet other patients who are going through the same experience. Through group exercise, patients encourage one another to work harder, adding a sense of comradery to the rehabilitation process.

As part of the program, family members are strongly encouraged to serve as a coach for the patient. The coach not only attends therapy with the patient, but also learns about the patient’s recovery process so he or she can assist the patient at home during the weeks immediately following surgery.

Before attending Joint Camp, patients and their coaches must attend a preoperative class

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