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Help your orthopedic surgeon help you - Give a good health history

When you visit your orthopedic surgeon, be sure to tell him or her the following information.

  • Why do you feel you need to see an orthopedic surgeon?
    • What types of symptoms are you experiencing?
    • Where is the pain located?
    • What makes it better?
    • What makes it worse?
  • Talk about your medical/family history and bring a list of all the medications you take.
    • Do your parents, brothers or sisters have arthritis?
    • Are you being treated for any medical conditions?
    • What medications are you currently taking — including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins and herbal supplements?
    • Do you see any other doctors


Also, be sure to ask a lot of questions

  • About about exercise
    • Which types of exercise are good for you?
    • How often should you exercise?
    • Are there any exercises to avoid?
  • Ask about food and nutrition
  • Ask about medication, if recommended
    • How will this medicine help you?
    • When should you take it?
    • How much should you take?
    • How long will you have to take it?
    • What should you do if you forget to take your medicine?
  • Ask about your lifestyle
    • What can you do to manage the pain or stresses that you may feel?
    • Can you still do the activities and sports you enjoy?


Remember, your orthopedic surgeon is your partner and will work with you to improve your activities of daily living and, ultimately, enjoy your life.

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