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Mercy Center for Pain Medicine
Managing Pain Effectively while Maintaining the Dignity and Respect of the Individual

When you are in pain, it is sometimes difficult to focus on anything else in your life. At Mercy Medical Center, we are committed to pain management as a priority in maintaining basic human dignity. We are dedicated to helping you deal with any type of pain you might have and achieving the greatest level of activity in your life.

We take time to listen to and understand your individual reports of discomfort and concerns. Whether you suffer from temporary pain due to illness, injury, chronic cancer-related pain or end-of-life pain, we are here to help you. Pain Services is built around believing the patient’s report of pain and focusing on the potential benefits of adequate pain management.

Unmanaged pain is estimated to cost billions of dollars annually, possibly accounting for increased length of hospital stays, increased complications, decreased patient satisfaction and unnecessary human suffering.

Attention is also given to ethical aspects of pain management, including both cancer patients and those at end-of-life. Pain management often extends beyond physical relief, to include enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

The Mercy Center for Pain Medicine has a dedicated team of four anesthesiologists to manage patient care:

  • Dana L. Simon, M.D., DABPM

  • Clint Harris, M.D.
  • Susan Thompson, ARNP

  • Tom Klein, D.O.

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