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Pain Clinicians

Mercy Medical Center has an ongoing commitment to pain management, and the promotion of pain management is viewed as a priority in maintaining basic human dignity. As part of this commitment, pain clinicians are available. A pain clinician is a nurse with an extensive background and education in pain practices who is available to assist with the management of patients with pain.

Pain clinicians assist with patients across the spectrum of health care including those in the hospital, home care, hospice, subacute/extended care facilities and physician clinics. All services of pain clinicians are rendered without cost to patients, as this is deemed an organizational focus in keeping with our moral responsibility for the delivery of care.

Development of pain protocols, policies and medication guidelines are all examples of items available to assist with optimal pain treatments. This has enabled practitioners to put pain management information and research into practice. Providing direction to the pain management program is the Pain Committee - a medical staff committee with interdisciplinary membership. We believe pain clinicians provide a unique approach to accentuating pain management.

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