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Other Specialized Therapies

Other specialized rehabilitation services at Riverside Rehab include:

Riverside Rehab Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Mercy Riverside Rehab has highly experienced staff including two certified hand therapists. They specialize in the evaluation and management of tendon injuries, tendonitis, nerve injuries, tumors and cysts, arthritis, burns and amputations.  They are also skilled in making and fitting of custom splints and adaptive equipment.

Pediatric Rehab

Having a child with a developmental disability or injury can be challenging and overwhelming for both the child and their family. 
At Riverside Rehab, we focus on achieving the highest level of functioning for these children. Each child’s therapy regimen is tailored to meet his or her unique rehabilitation needs. Therapy may include speech, occupational and/or physical therapy to promote skill development. Therapists include the patient’s family in treatment to encourage ongoing skill development at home.

Lymphedema Management

Riverside Rehab has a therapist specialized in providing the treatment and management of lymphedema. Treatments include skin care, manual lymph drainage using stretching and massaging techniques, compression bandaging, exercise prescription, and the fitting of compression garments. The end goal for patients is self management by the patient or a caregiver.

Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA)

A FCA objectively determines an individual’s present functional capabilities in terms of job-specific activities.  The findings of this standardized assessment are used to assist in determining the next step in the rehab process, and as guidelines for returning to work.

Vestibular Rehabilitation
The evaluation and treatment of patients with vestibular and balance disorders includes a variety of techniques to decrease patients’ symptoms and maximize independence and safety.  Riverside Rehab offers a computerized evaluation Riverside Rehab - Arthritisusing the Smart Balance Master to assess and treat functions of the sensory systems involved in balance.  Therapists may perform manual techniques to improve Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo or instruct patients in habituation or visual stabilization exercises.

Worksite/Ergonomic Evaluations
Staff members at Riverside Rehab perform on-site evaluations to identify potentially harmful activities in the workplace before injuries occur.  A report identifies modifications that could reduce the risk of injury, including improvements in posture, repositioning of equipment, or other minor adjustments needed to improve the worksite ergonomics.

Arthritis Management
Riverside Rehab offers rehabilitation to patients with arthritis and related conditions.  Services include treatment and education in pain management, joint protection, the use of adaptive equipment, and appropriate exercise programs to improve movement and function.

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