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Sleep Disorder Treatment

Your doctor or sleep specialist will first try to figure out why you're having trouble sleeping.  If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, your treatment will depend on its cause.


Weight loss can improve – but may not adequately treat – sleep apnea. Avoiding alcohol and sleeping pills can also help. A continuous-positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine may be used. With CPAP, each night a patient wears a mask that increases the air pressure inside the throat. This prevents the airway from becoming too narrow and allows the patient to sleep without interruption. 

Insomnia treatment

Attempts to control environmental and lifestyle factors should be made; these factors include:

  • Erratic hours of wakefulness
  • Too much light
  • Too much noise
  • Too much caffeine or other stimulants

Restless Legs Syndrome treatment

Restless legs syndrome is a treatable condition. Several medications are available to treat restless legs as well.

Narcolepsy treatment 

Lifestyle adjustments and learning to cope with the emotional and other effects of narcolepsy may improve functioning in work and social activities. Prescription medications may be necessary.

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