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While most patients are referred to Mercy Sleep Center by their doctors, others select Mercy based on its reputation as a leader in sleep medicine and treating sleep disorders in central Iowa. 

At your initial appointment, you will meet with one of our board-certified sleep medicine doctors. During this appointment, one of our doctors will carefully review your medical history and listen to your questions and concerns. Based on this discussion, a sleep study (also known as a polysomnogram) may be ordered to help diagnose possible sleep disorders. A sleep study measures your sleep cycles and stages by recording movement, breathing rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and heart rhythm.

During the sleep study, you will sleep in a private room that has been designed to be as close to your home bedroom as possible.  The majority of our sleep studies are performed overnight, but we are able to accommodate a schedule close to your natural sleep habits.  

When you arrive for your sleep study, a registered sleep tech (polysomnographic tech) will place electrodes on your chin, scalp and outer edge of your eyelids. These will measure your brain waves, heart beat and breathing throughout the night.  The electrodes are applied so you can turn and move in your sleep with little discomfort.  Signals from the electrodes are recorded while you are awake with your eyes closed and during sleep. The time taken to fall asleep is measured as well as the time to enter rapid eye movement sleep. Monitors to record your heart rate and breathing will be attached to your chest.  During some sleep studies, an infrared camera may be used to capture movements during sleep.

During the night, the sleep tech will be monitoring your readings from our control room. The results of this evaluation are studied by our staff and, depending on your diagnosis, your physician will discuss available treatment options. When appropriate, you'll come back to the Mercy Sleep Center for follow-up evaluations to determine the effectiveness of the treatments.

In most cases, the cost of sleep evaluations is covered by most insurance companies.

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