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Mercy Spine Physical Therapy

Mercy's physical therapists will design a personalized exercise program based on individual patient needs. The goal of Mercy Spine Physical Therapy is to increase muscle and connective tissue health and create movements that will "slide & glide" the nerves in the area to enhance circulation. This will help decrease the nerve sensitivity in the area, which will also decrease the body’s normal protection response of muscle tightness.

The physical therapist team provides expert hands-on treatment to the spinal joints to improve joint space, nudge joints into motion and create "joint juice" for nutrition, which all lowers the body's normal protection response following injury.

While working with your Mercy Spine Program physician, we will provide education on your back or neck injury and field any questions or concerns you have. Most importantly, we can counsel you on what you can do to help yourself. We know that when you understand your pain, restoration to your quality of life comes along faster.

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