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Kidney transplantation is an important life-saving option available to patients with end-stage renal disease.  The procedure offers patients a normal lifestyle free from kidney dialysis, EPO injections and blood transfusions. Kidney transplant patients also have fewer dietary restrictions and enjoy an enhanced feeling of well-being.

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The Transplant Center at Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines was established in 1986 and is one of the most experienced programs in central Iowa, producing outstanding results in the field of transplantation.

Mercy Transplant Center combines compassionate medical care with the latest in surgery and technology.  Each transplant patient receives one-on-one care during each stage – from pre-transplant evaluation to post-transplant follow-up.

Continuity of care is maintained by nurse specialists who coordinate everyday patient care throughout the transplant process. Support services for patients and their families include a nutritionist, social workers, and chaplains.  There will be many people involved in a single transplant, but our entire transplant team has one common goal: successful transplantation.

For patients requiring dialysis treatment, a dialysis unit on the Transplant Services nursing floor allows convenient access.

Largest Kidney Paired Donation Chain in Iowa Completed

We’re proud to announce the completion of the largest kidney paired donation chain in the state of Iowa to date. Because of one incredibly generous donation, we were able to start the year by saving five lives with one procedure.

Learn how one person was able to start the chain of events that led to five kidney donations through a first-of-its kind procedure in Iowa.

Gold Medal of Honor Recipient

In October 2012 Mercy Transplant Center was awarded the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Medal of Honor Award at the Gold Medal level.

Mercy is one of only 22 hospitals across the country selected to receive this award. The Gold Medal truly represents excellence in transplant care, with Mercy achieving the highest level possible. More information available on HHS’s website.

Condensed Evaluation

Mercy Transplant Center provides patients with a very convenient condensed evaluation process, saving valuable time and often travel expenses. Dialysis services and hotel accommodations can be arranged during the patient's stay in Des Moines.

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