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Janet Ripperger Transplant Fund

The Janet Ripperger Transplant Fund was created by the family of Janet Ripperger to honor her memory.  The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance directly to patients for services and other needs not covered by insurance.  All donations to this fund are used to offset those non-covered that patients face when going through the transplant journey at Mercy Medical Center.

To make a donation to this fund, please complete the online form provided by the Mercy Foundation and designate "Janet Ripperger Transplant Fund".

Volunteer Mentor Program

The Volunteer Mentor Program is a resource offered to potential transplant recipients and living donors.  It is offered at the beginning of every transplant process and is available throughout the transplant journey. The program provides one-to-one contact between a “veteran” organ transplant recipient and someone who is being considered for a transplant, waiting for a transplant or a recent transplant recipient. 

Through this connection, questions are answered from a personal view, experiences are shared and support is provided to the patient, donor and family.  Mentors, who are successful living donors, are also available for individuals considering becoming a living donor. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Mercy Transplant Center.

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