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What to Expect Post Transplant

The patient’s hospital discharge is only the first step to transplant success. Mercy Transplant center is very committed to patients as they continue the transplant journey.  Our center is committed to the wonderful gift that living kidney donors and deceased donor families have given.  It is important that transplant recipients receive post-transplant support and education to promote long term organ function.

  • Interdisciplinary Team - Our team is comprised of Mercy's transplant surgeon, transplant nephrologists and transplant nurse coordinators.  With over 20 years of organ transplant experience, this team has a broad knowledge base to guide the medical plans for each transplant recipient.  Patients have 24-hour access to the post-operative team to address complex questions and problems that may arise between physician appointments. 
  • Transplant Clinic - All transplant recipients and living kidney donors will continue to see the interdisciplinary team during Mercy Medical Center's Transplant Clinic.  This unique clinic setting focuses on issues that patients face after hospital discharge and provides a forum for continued patient education, medical assessment, dietary and emotional/psychological support for patients. 
  • Transplant Diary - Mercy's post-operation transplant coordinators work in collaboration with the patient’s hospital nurse guide to introduce the patient to the transplant diary. The diary assists patients with documenting medication administration, lab results and self care issues related to taking anti-rejection medications. The focus is to ensure a safe, informed discharge plan.  The diary also allows our staff to provide each patient with a safe, informed discharge plan and can be tailored to meet their own health needs.
  • Emotional, Physical & Financial Support - The Transplant Social Worker supports patients through the emotional roller coaster of surgery and the complexities of life such as transportation issues and community resources.  The Transplant Financial Coordinator assists patients through the medical insurance coverage maze.  Our team also collaborates with both a transplant dietitian and pharmacist to address the nutritional and complex medication administration questions to promote long term kidney function.
  • Quality Assurance Program - Our team members attend national meetings to remain on the cutting edge of the dynamic field of transplantation.  Our team tracks patient outcomes, reviews national outcome data and carefully constructs protocols for medical management.  Our team is also actively involved in the organ donation and transplant national collaborative.  This national initiative is focused on decreasing the waiting list for organs by improving utilization of organs, promoting living kidney donation and improving the care and education of potential transplant candidates.  We are proud to report that we have received multiple national awards and certifications for the delivery of our excellent care.  
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