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"Since having LAP-BAND® surgery at Mercy, I’ve lost more than 120 pounds and have the same amount of energy I had in my 20s."

–Jan, Mercy bariatric surgery patient

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On left, Jan before her LAP-BAND® surgery at Mercy. On right, Jan two years after her surgery.

My bariatric surgery journey started in November 2008 when curiosity inclined me to attend a community lecture about the LAP-BAND® surgical procedure at Mercy. I was overweight and I couldn’t do anything. I was exhausted all the time and suffered from severe sleep apnea requiring me to wear a C-PAP machine at night.

I had LAP-BAND® on April 3, 2009 at Mercy. I was up and moving within two hours of surgery! The Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center staff were fabulous and supportive, they provided me with the right education so I knew what to expect after my surgery

At my heaviest, I weighed 250 pounds. Today, I weigh 130 pounds and am still losing. I have a few more pounds before my body mass index is considered to be within the “normal” range.

Shedding the weight has helped me tremendously–I can cross my legs, walk without getting winded and I sleep better. I retired my handicap parking sticker and I no longer use my C-PAP machine to sleep at night. Before I had surgery, I had to take the elevator whenever possible; today, all I do is take the stairs. I feel like I can do anything. My Fibromyalgia pain is not nearly as severe as it was before surgery.

Best of all, I can be a better mother and wife. It was because of my family that I wanted to do the surgery and lose the weight. At the time of surgery I had five children with ages ranging from 10 to 23 and I can now take care of them better. Life is precious to me and after having done the surgery it is even more enjoyable. I am healthier, hope to have added years on my life and enjoy being with my friends and family.

My advice to anyone who is considering the surgery is to do it! It will change you for the better.

"I've lost more than 100 pounds since having LAP-BAND® surgery at Mercy and now actually look forward to going to the movies."

--Chelle, Mercy bariatric surgery patient

Mercy Weight Loss Center Patient Before and After - image

On left, Chelle before her surgery. On right, Chelle today who loves kickboxing to get her heart pumping.

The fear of death was the catalyst for my bariatric surgery journey.  I knew I had to do something as I huffed and puffed after climbing only three steps.

I had LAP-BAND® surgery at Mercy on Aug. 4, 2009.  I have lost more than 100 pounds and can now do things I have never done before. I am able to stop eating because for the first time in my life I know what being full feels like. I no longer need help sitting up in bed or getting up and down from the floor. Sitting comfortably in a movie theater is no longer an issue and I no longer have to take medicine for joint pain or acid reflux. The list can go on and on. My life has completely changed and I love it.  For the first time in my life I can honestly say that when I look at myself in the mirror I love the new me and my life!

I now look forward to leading a healthier lifestyle along with so many other things. My husband and I are planning a honeymoon after more than 21 years of marriage and I am actually excited about finding a bathing suit to wear on our trip! I would tell anyone considering LAP-BAND® surgery to run–don’t walk to the Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center. LAP-BAND® surgery is life changing!

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