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Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center

Getting to a healthy weight doesn’t just mean better health, it means a better life. In order to achieve your goals, and maintain your progress, it takes support and encouragement. Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center is here for you.

With a complete array of services from diet modification and exercise, to a medically-supervised meal replacement program, and minimally-invasive bariatric surgery, Mercy has the experts to guide you every step of the way.

Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center Services

- Bariatric Surgery
- FREE Wellness & Nutrition Classes
- Dietary Counseling

Mercy and the YMCA Healthy Living Center

The YMCA Healthy Living Center is unique, not only to Iowa, but to the whole country, with state-of-the-art integrated programs designed to help people along every step of their weight loss journey. By partnering with Mercy, Iowans now have access to a dedicated team of skilled doctors and caring medical staff as well as access to Mercy Medical Center–West Lakes, where all bariatric surgeries are performed in the specially designed bariatric unit.

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